How about a little role play?

* Very busy client, frustrated from past experiences, determined to have great video marketing, pulls the trigger and contacts video maker. 

You: I want really good, unique videos to tell my story & connect with my customers.

Us: Awesome! We can help develop concepts, write scripts, hire talent, scout locations, shoot, edit, animate your logo, clean your office, call your mom, whatever it takes for people to notice your video content.

You: I want the videos to fit my current business strategy and get a ton of exposure ?  

Us: We agree!  Marketing strategy, brand development, social media tips, and video posting instructions are always included. No "consult fees" here, we're not your lawyer.

You: I want to know how much this will cost.

Us: So do we! Every video project is different, a lot of ins, outs, and what have yous, so check out our work, and give us a call. 

Aaaand cut. You did great! 

More questions? You know what to do.



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